Trading Options From Home

Trading options from home can be a successful way to balance an existing portfolio. Some financial studies have indicated that more than half of the options contracts at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange expired with no gain to the buyer. In order to capitalize on home trading, financial data and a solid method is needed. At Optioneer Trading, we provide an online platform and a system for managing risk.

Our methodology for trading options from home hinges on selling index option contracts. These contracts have a tolerable risk due to the fact that the strike prices are sold well outside the index market price. The potential for a high premium is also increased because these options can pay out solely to the option seller.

Trading Options from Home in Just Minutes Each Day

We teach investors how to manage risk by buying calls and puts whenever they are sold. These contracts must be purchased at values above and below the sold option strike prices in order for this method to work. The exact strike prices of the options are calculated by the proprietary algorithm featured in our online platform.

The Optioneer system for trading from home is taught in two courses. With both historical and background information on these contracts, the material is accessible for investors with no related experience. Once the system has been learned, transactions can be completed in just a few minutes each day. To learn more about our web application and training courses, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or by email.