Options Pricing Software

Options pricing software can give investors the tools needed to make the most of their finances. Some applications give too many variables and force shareholders to spend hours doing their own research and trying to predict how the market will change in the coming hours, days and weeks. At Optioneer Trading, we've developed a methodology that works in conjunction with a web-based platform to make managing options much easier.

Our options pricing software works primarily with two special variables. The probability factor measures the chance that the market price will be beyond the strike at the contract's expiration. The value/risk factor then examines the value at risk of entering the market with the options. Taken together, these two variables give a clear picture of how the security is expected to perform.

Manage Your Investment with Options Pricing Software

In addition to these two variables, the Optioneer method is a strategy for selling options. The pricing software calculates call and put option strike prices that are much higher and lower than what the market is expected to reach. A strategy for buying and selling these calls and puts manages the risk that is associated with these options.

Once the pricing software method is understood, portfolio management can be completed in just a few minutes each day. Optioneer offers two training courses that teach investors all about options and our methodology. To learn more about using our web-based software for your investment goals, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or by email.