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Revived Demand in U.S. for Improved 21st Century Options Trading Tools Drives This Successful Entrepreneur from Down Under!

Learn more about Andrew Evans, Founder of Optioneer Trading, and find out how the frustration over inconsistent results with his own options trades lead him on a five year quest of analyzing, testing and refining a sound methodology of trading and easy-to-use software tool to secure more consistent results over time.

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Do Option Sellers Have a Trading Edge?

John Summa, CTA, PhD and Founder of OptionNerd.com explores three key patterns that emerge from a recent Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) study:

  1. on average, three out of every four options held to expiration end up worthless;
  2. the share of puts and calls that expired worthless is influenced by the primary trend of the underlying; and
  3. option sellers still come out ahead even when the seller is going against the trend.

The data presented encourages traders to develop a selling strategy as a primary approach to trading options.

Download Article as published by Investopedia (599 KB PDF)


A Guide to Understanding Opportunities and Risks in Futures Trading

The National Futures Association (NFA) provides investors considering futures trading information and questions you should ask before making any investment you are considering including but no limited to:

  • Information about the investment itself and the risks involved.
  • How readily your investment or position can be liquidated when such action is necessary or desired.
  • Who the other market participants are.
  • Alternative methods of investing.
  • How prices are arrived at.
  • The costs of trading, including commission charges.
  • How gains and losses are realized.
  • What forms of regulation and investor protection exist.
  • The experience, integrity and track record of your broker or advisor.
  • The financial condition of the firm with which you are trading.

Download NFA Article (110 KB PDF)


The Story Behind the Financial Integrity of the U.S. Futures Markets.

The National Futures Association comments on the financial protections afforded to traders in regulated U.S. Futures.

Download NFA Article (83 KB PDF)


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Industry Monthlies

OIC: Options Central

The Winter ‘10 edition of The Options Industry Council’s Options Central features: Covered Calls and Time Decay, by Russell Rhoads. In this article, Russell discusses how the time value of an option decreases as the option approaches expiration, and what you may want to consider before entering a short option position. Russell is currently an instructor with The Options Institute at The Chicago Board Options Exchange. Find out more.

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CME GROUP: Monthly Stock Index Update, March 2011

A Global Trading Summary of Stock Index Futures and Options

Download Report (661 KB PDF)