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"I started trading with the Optioneer Strategy in 2004. I initially began with the minimum amount and after about six months, I decided to commit a larger portion of my portfolio to Optioneer. The methodology has developed over the last couple of years making the task of trading extremely simple."

Matt Magistro
Assistant Controller/UCN

"I've been trading the Optioneer System since February 2003, and I told myself when I started that I wouldn’t get too excited until a year had gone by. Well a year has gone by and I'm so satisfied with the Optioneer System and staff that I’m writing this testimonial. I graduated from West Point in 1978, and since 1981 I’ve been here in South California in the apartment business as a broker and owner. Optioneer has opened a whole new arena of investing for me. I'm sold!"

Craig Kirkpatrick
Real Estate Investor

"I began telling my family and friends, how pleased I was with the Optioneer. Since then, four of my children are trading with Optioneer; and five of my brothers and sisters. My ex-wife has her own account as well. We are all happy and excited about the Optioneer method of trading."

Ray Naisbitt
Retired Air Traffic Controller

"I have now realized that if the rules are followed, that the Optioneer strategy fits hand in hand with my current investments. I feel if done properly Optioneer is a truly amazing risk management strategy."

Eric Kandell

"Optioneer allows me to investigate open positions in a step by step method. It allows me to analyze the risk and decide if I want to place a trade, and once placed, it allows me to analyze if I want to keep my position or get out of the market. With Optioneer I’ve known where I was every day and could make a decision to go ahead and continue or decide to get out."

Captain Steve Hart
American Airlines/LAX

"I've been trading the Optioneer methodology since October of 2002. As a result of the ease of use, the minimum time required, I have completely stopped trading individual stocks. Optioneer trades one simple, streamlined, uncomplicated option strategy-not 28 or 30. To me, Optioneer represents THE PERFECT opportunity. My trading requires only 5 to 10 minutes a day of my time. I am no longer concerned with crooked corporate managers etc, because we trade indexes ONLY and Optioneer does all the research. The best part is when I decide to take a long vacation, I simply exit my trade and go, with no worries to take with me."

Jeffrey Harris
American Airlines/LAX

"I was introduced to Optioneer in 2003, and I have been very pleased. Optioneer provides very good knowledgeable people and support staff who are always eager to help."

Capt. Chris Callas
American Airlines/LAX

"With over 25 years of trading and back testing I had developed my own "system" which provided respectable returns. However in April of 2004 I gave Optioneer a try and found something I had little of prior to that point. It was called "time". For lack of better word, Optioneer has the horsepower. They have the history, depth, expertise, and integrity to prove it. Any sophisticated investor knows returns involve risk. I have found no better way to manage and analyze risk."

Jim Cable
American Airlines/LAX

"Optioneer is a trading strategy that is risk tolerant and requires very little of my time. As a retiree I want freedom to do my own "thing" and not have to spend hours looking at the daily market activity. While any type of trading has some risk, I believe that Optioneer's strategy minimizes that risk. The staff at Optioneer are very dedicated and informative. They know their stuff! I highly recommend Optioneer."

Larry Rector
Retired American Airlines Pilot
*Trading futures and options on futures is not appropriate for everyone. No representation is being made that users of the Optioneer methodology will or are likely to achieve the same trading results as any of the above persons or achieve the results as any former or current users of the methodology, nor is any representation being made that users will experience profits or be free from risk of loss or will achieve any level of trading performance. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures and options on futures. Only risk capital should be used. Past performance is no guarantee of future trading results.