Tracking Options

There are many free websites for tracking options. Often, these sites don't provide enough context or data for an investor. As a result, the trader is forced to spend hours doing research and calculations before making the day's market orders. At Optioneer, our web-based interface allows traders to track options but also provides precise calculations that dictate the best way to manage risk and adjust holdings.

The Optioneer algorithm is unlike any other. It generates and tracks two important values, known as the P and R factors. The probability factor shows the chance of a contract terminating outside of its strike price. This information helps an investor decide upon the best time to enter the market. The risk factor gauges the overall condition of the market and can be used to formulate an exit strategy.

Track Options and Make Smart Trades

Our software allows investors to track options, but it's our methodology that helps an investor make better trades. For example, we teach investors to buy options above and below each sold option to manage market risk. By adding purchased calls and puts to this method, a portfolio is covered in the event of a sudden shift in the overall market.

The system for tracking options is taught by our professionals in two online classes. The material is designed for traders of all levels, from beginning to very advanced and experienced. To learn more, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or send us an email