Stock Index Options Analysis

Many times a stock options analysis will hinder more than it helps. Variables, formulas and economic theories can be difficult to grasp for many people. Combine the challenging material with a fast-moving market, and the pressure on each investor increases. At Optioneer, we work to make stock options analysis easy and quick while still providing the investor with a superior view of the market's condition.

Our web-based interface uses a proprietary algorithm to produce two key variables, which are known as the P and R factors. The probability factor helps an investor create an entry strategy for the market by detailing the chance of an option contract expiring outside of its strike price. The risk factor can aid in the development of an exit strategy. We believe these two variables provide a clearer analysis of how the market is moving.

Use Our Strategy with a Stock Index Options Analysis

Optioneer teaches investors to follow strict selling and buying patterns to protect against most market conditions. This method is the result of years of financial experience and stock index options analysis. The premise is to sell calls and puts at values that are high above and far below the current index price. The exact sales strike price is determined after a stock options analysis by our software.

Our method for investing in index options is taught during two online training classes. The material is geared for financiers of all levels and experience. Once the methodology is refined and mastered, an investor can manage his portfolio in a matter of minutes each day. To learn more about our offerings, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.