Proprietary Futures Trading

Proprietary options on futures trading may help you balance an investment portfolio. These contracts give the holder the right to buy or sell an underlying security before a specific date. While there is a potential for financial gain, options on futures trading also requires risk management. Unlike listed share options, futures options depend on the overall market condition.

Optioneer Trading offers aids to help investors of all levels make the most of proprietary options on futures trading. We've created a one-of-a-kind algorithm that simplifies financial data into several easy-to-understand figures. For example, the probability factor shows the chance of a contract finishing outside predetermined strike price. This tool helps an investor define clear entry and exit points for the market.

Use Our Methodology for Proprietary Futures Trading

We teach investors how to manage the risk of trading proprietary options on futures contracts that have strike prices outside of the anticipated market values. These contracts offer the opportunity to collect greater premium, but must be carefully managed against the tide of the market. One way investors can monitor risk is by tracking the market value of the proprietary contracts that are above and below the value at which the call or put is being sold.

The Optioneer strategy is simple on paper, but it does require training and discipline to implement properly. We offer two training classes that are designed to help all levels of investors learn the system and better manage their portfolios. For more information email or call us at 800-845-2502.