Options Trading Courses

Options trading courses are essential to make the most of your investment. Some recent economic studies indicate that roughly three-quarters of options contracts expired with no significant gain to the buyer over a three-year period. While buyers may be making smart choices, they may not be managing their holdings correctly. With Optioneer Trading's classes, both novice and experienced investors will learn how to sell options and collect the option premium that is being forfeited by the option buyers.

Optioneer's methodology focuses on selling options that have strike prices that are well above and below the anticipated market values at the expiration dates. These financial instruments carry significant risk, but through our trading courses, investors will learn how to buy options to protect and cover these sold positions.

Our Options Trading Courses Are Thorough

During two options trading courses, investors will learn how to manage their money wisely with topics that include:

  • Introduction to options for novice investors to understand how the contracts work
  • A full explanation of the Optioneer strategy
  • Using the web-based platform for daily investment management
  • Managing risk and developing an exit strategy

Once our options trading courses are fully understood, many investors will find that they can have a greater role in the direction of their portfolio. Unlike other courses, our methodology is designed to be efficient. Some investors find that only five minutes is needed each day to set orders for an entire portfolio. To learn more about how our options trading courses can work for you, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.