Options Trading Services

Many options trading services provide an investor with pages upon pages of financial data. This information must be sorted through daily in order to make smart sales and purchases. Optioneer Trading has created a methodology and a web-based platform that focuses on understanding a few important calculations to make sense of an entire portfolio.

The core of our options trading service is the idea that calls and puts are sold well outside of anticipated market value. The high or low strike price means that upon expiration, the contract will be worthless to the buyer and the seller will receive the maximum return. These types of contracts can carry a certain amount of risk, which our system manages.

Manage Risk with Our Options Trading Services

We teach investors to buy calls and puts that are above and below each sold call and put. A clear entry and exit point for trades is also part of our program.

Our methodology and trading services can be explained to both novice and experienced investors in two courses. Once the option-trading ideas have been practiced and perfected, an investor can have a more personal involvement in his portfolio with a small, daily commitment. Some clients are able to set the day's trading orders in about five minutes. To learn more about our services and training, please contact us by either email or telephone at 800-845-2502.