Options Trading Seminars

Have you ever walked out of an options trading seminar feeling overwhelmed with research and financial formulas? Instead of making investing easier, many of these classes present abstract ideas that are difficult to apply without the aid of powerful software. At Optioneer Trading, we focus on teaching you how to use and apply the calculations performed by our web-based platform to better manage options contracts.

The options trading seminars start with basic information about the history and role of index options in the financial market. For a new investor or someone who hasn't yet added these holdings to their portfolio, this information provides a solid background. The courses then expand into more advanced topics, such as how premiums are generated from an expired contract and how to manage risk.

Options Trading Seminars and Our Web System

A key part of our options trading seminars is teaching how to interpret and apply the data that is generated by our proprietary algorithm. Two factors, known as P and R, provide investors with a clear vision of how the market is changing. For example, P explains the chance that an index option contract will expire outside of its strike price.

Our trading seminars can help investors manage an entire portfolio in just a few minutes each day. Sample purchases and sales can be made with the aid of one of our professionals, making sure that the investor fully understands the system before using it with his portfolio. To learn more about our system and training, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or by email.