Stock Index Options Chart

Some stock options charts do little more than confuse investors. At Optioneer, we believe in providing investors with the knowledge needed to make smart and disciplined trading decisions. Our web-based platform also generates stock index options charts that can be interpreted easily. Taken together, our system allows investors to have a direct influence on their portfolios and work towards their financial goals.

Our application allows stock options to be charted by generating two unique numbers. The probability factor shows the chance that a contract will expire in-the money at expiration. Ideally, the strike price for a call will be well above market value, so that the entire premium is paid out to you, the seller.

Use Our Methodology with a Stock Index Options Chart

We teach investors how to interpret the data that is included on stock index options charts. Our methodology shows how to cover market risk by buying additional contracts above and below the price of a sale. By holding both calls and puts, the investor is partially protected from a sudden up or downward market movement.

Once the system is mastered, data can be evaluated and trade orders set in less than five minutes. During our two training sessions, investors of all levels will be able to practice under the direction of our professionals, so that they will by prepared to manage their own accounts. To learn more, please send us an email or call us at 800-845-2502.