Options Trading Firms

Options trading firms often give clients plenty of data and statistics, but leave them in the dark about how to apply the information. Other times, the implementation of the data is too complex for casual traders to follow, and they end up posting large losses.

We rely on a simple method of selling index options that is coupled with a one-of-a-kind proprietary algorithm. This application generates two principal statistics that we believe to be great aids in understanding the market. The probability factor shows how likely it is that the price of the option will be outside of the strike price. The value/risk factor helps you understand how and when to enter the market.

We Are a Step Ahead of Other Options Trading Firms

Optioneer offers two online instructional training courses that are designed to help both beginning and seasoned traders. Our firm makes sure that investors have practiced our methodology, so that no unnecessary risks are taken with their portfolios. Our system works with the idea of holding sold options that are outside of the strike prices of the calls and puts.

We teach you how to buy calls and puts that are at values above and below each sale price in order to protect against risk. This method often leads to greater profits that are in line with the financial goals of our clients. To learn more about our firm, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or by email.