Options Trading Companies

Many options trading companies inundate users with piles of charts, graphs and data on a daily basis. It can take hours to interpret this research and modify a portfolio to prepare for the changes in the market. At Optioneer, we've developed a simple methodology that teaches how to interpret complex calculations by our software, with a minimal daily time commitment.

We offer both a methodology and a web-based platform for managing index options. Our proprietary algorithm works by generating two primary values: the probability and risk factors. The first factor examines the chance of an option expiring outside of its strike price. The second factor helps an investor determine the risk of entering the financial market.

An Options Trading Company That Produces Results

Using the two variables created by our options trading company, an investor can then implement our strategy. Calls and puts are sold and bought at strike prices that are well outside of the anticipated market value. These prices provide that when the options are sold, they are likely to expire worthless to the buyer and thus post a profit for the seller.

Our trading company's methodology involves buying and selling options at precisely calculated levels to manage risk. Once the system is understood, many investors are able to manage their portfolios in just five minutes each day. The trader has a more active involvement in his investments, with a smaller time commitment. To learn more about our training courses and software, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or email.