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Optioneer brings a highly institutionalized style of option trading to individual investors while also offering them full control of all their trading decisions.

Optioneer offers a unique trading methodology and platform for selling and managing complex option trades on various financial instruments.

The Optioneer methodology generates market movement probability signals based on proprietary indicators; there are clear entry and exit points and a structured framework to help clients apply proper techniques and discipline to manage their trades.

While option trading may appear to be complicated, through the use of the Optioneer methodology and web site it can be quite simple, it’s just a matter of understanding the basic fundamental concepts and how to effectively manage risk.

The Optioneer strategy has been developed to give just about everyone, including those who have little or no experience, the opportunity to participate in the market.*

It is anticipated that the typical user of the Optioneer strategy is an investor who seeks to further diversify, or who already has a balanced share portfolio, but would like further involvement on a daily basis.

The Optioneer web-based platform has been designed to require only minutes of time each day. There is no need for many hours of daily market research or sitting for hours on end in front of a computer screen. Through this powerful tool, discipline can be applied and risk can be managed, thus providing an opportunity of achieving a desired outcome.*

Once an adequate amount of time has been devoted to learning how to use the software, setting and tracking trades can require as little as five minutes a day.

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*Trading futures and options is not appropriate for everyone. Only risk capital should be used to trade.