Option Selling Strategies

Many investors wish they had more control over their option selling strategies. In many cases, inexperienced traders buy and hold options much longer than they need to, and the positions expire without turning a profit. At Optioneer, we've spent countless hours refining an option selling system to take advantage of the fact that nearly 75 percent of all options expire worthless to the buyer and profitable to the seller.

Option selling strategies don't have to involve long days in front of the computer. While research and an understanding of the market is important, Optioneer's methodology allows both experienced and novice traders to gain a clearer picture of where the market is. In addition to a methodology, Optioneer provides powerful software that makes trading and managing options on indexes efficient.

Our Option Selling Strategies Are Simple and Powerful

At the core of Optioneer's selling strategies is an understanding of managing unlimited risk. Calls and puts are calculated well beyond current market values. The system uses buy and sell orders that protect the capital of the investor while diversifying his/her holdings and limiting overall risk.

Optioneer offers two training classes that give each investor the background information needed to make the most of the system. Once training is completed, the web-based platform can be used for greater control over option selling strategies, requiring as little as five minutes each day. The daily management of positions is reduced, but the trader's overall knowledge and understanding of the market are increased. To learn more, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.