Options Tracking Software

Options tracking software can cut down on the amount of time needed to manage a portfolio. Some applications provide traders with too much information and data that isn't relevant to determining the market behavior of index options. At Optioneer Trading, we've developed a methodology that works in conjunction with web-based tracking software to minimize the amount of time spent in front of a computer screen each day.

Our tracking software can be used quickly, but that doesn't mean it isn't thorough. The application calculates the probability and risk factors associated with each market. Our system empowers the trader to make informed choices based on this data, leading to manageable risk no matter how the market performs.

Use the Optioneer Strategy with Options Tracking Software

The options tracking software provides you with information for three unique trading strategies. The idea revolves around selling calls and puts that are well outside the anticipated market-strike prices. While these calls and puts carry an unlimited risk, buying calls and puts above and below each sale price increases the chance of posting a profit at the expiration date. With our methodology, index options can be used to balance a portfolio.

The tracking software can be taught to a trader of any level in just two training classes. General trading information and discipline is also covered to be sure that each trader knows where he stands. To learn more about our web-based platform and methodology, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502