Options Trading Basics

Many traders do not understand options trading basics. In fact, nearly three-quarters of options expire with no value to the option buyer. When used correctly, selling index options can be a great boost to an existing portfolio, but they can also help a novice trader understand the market. At Optioneer Trading, we teach trading basics with a refined methodology.

Call and put options give an individual the right to buy or sell an underlying security at a set price and before a pre-determined time. When the contract expires, the contracts can be sold at this strike price, no matter what the current market value may be. Optioneer's web-based platform and methodology builds on trading basics to manage risk and increase potential profits.

We Refine Options Trading Basics

Our methodology involves selling calls and puts at strike prices that are above or below the futures market value. These options carry risk, but the option premiums are collected and represent potential profits from the sale of the options. Our methodology involves buying calls and puts at levels that are above and below the calculated strike prices in order to manage risk.

Trading basics are taught during our two training sessions. The training can help entry-level traders understand the market and teach experienced ones how to use our methodology. When exercised with discipline, the methodology can be used to diversify any portfolio. To learn more about our system and courses, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.