Stock Options Trading

Stock options trading can help diversify an existing portfolio or be used all alone for financial gains. Some studies indicate that the majority of these option contracts expire worthless to the buyer, At Optioneer, we offer a proprietary, web-based system that teaches investors how to take advantage of this opportunity by selling options.

The basic hypothesis of our system is to sell and hold stock index options that are well outside of the expected market position at the termination of the contract. Usually, the contract expires worthless to the buyer and the entire premium is retained by the seller. Our system and method work together to balance the risk that comes with buying these options.

Stock Options Risk

We teach investors to buy additional options whenever they sell options. Buying above and below the sold option strike price, an investor is partially covered from the risk of the market jumping or falling. The strike prices are calculated by our web-based platform.

The Optioneer methodology is intended for investors of all levels. Basic material can be taught in our two four-hour classes. There is an emphasis on following rules and using discipline that is important for experienced traders. To find out more about stock options trading and our methodology, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.