Options Markets

The options market can be an important part of a balanced investment portfolio. These versatile securities can be used to manage overall risk, for trading or to increase the return of other holdings. Optioneer Trading has developed an exclusive methodology for understanding and working with these holdings.

Some financial reports have indicated that more than two-thirds of options expire worthless. Through careful study and analysis, we've created a methodology that takes on risk in the options market, but manages it so that the investment is protected and a positive return is possible.

Follow Options Markets with Our Software

Unlike other systems, our web-based program allows you to follow options markets and make decisions with only a few minutes of commitment each day. Our two training sessions teach investors everything they need to know about the function of options markets and using them with our methodology. We give you the knowledge to manage your portfolio with a minimal time commitment.

After learning our methodology, some investors have reduced their daily monitoring of the options market to just five minutes each day. We calculate the risk, making it much easier to assess your market position. To find out more about how you can manage options, please call us at 800-845-2502 or email us.