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Optioneer provides an options trading methodology that is being used successfully by people like you!

Selling Option Premium

According to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange 76.5% of all options held to expiration at the CME expired worthless during a three year study.

Although there is no guarantee that any particular trade will result in a profit, and notwithstanding the fact that many options traders lose money, the vast majority of all long options held to expiration expire worthless. The Optioneer course is designed to instruct investors how to sell options and collect premiums. The traders are provided with knowledge on automation technology to help them save time and effort. This bitcoin circuit erfahrungen will give you some insight.

Learn how to sell options and collect premium in stock indexes. Attend the free seminars listed to take advantage of the Optioneer strategy.

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The Optioneer System is being used successfully by people like you!

"The Optioneer methodology gives, even those with little or no market experience, the opportunity to trade alongside professional options traders."

Andrew Evans, Founder, The Optioneer System

Video Summaries:

Optioneer Introduction

Achieve good returns

Manage your risk and the bottom line looks after itself

What is Optioneer?

Strategic risk-management strategy for selling options on indexes




How Optioneer Works

Futures Magazine: "Looking at how many Index Options settle out of the money (worthless), makes you wonder if many Options traders should change their strategy to selling."

Seller has advantage over buyer

Active management of risk with predetermined exit levels


CME Group - 30 min. on Futures

Dan Gramza of Gramza Capital Management, Inc. explains, in easy to understand language, the basic concepts of the futures markets, such as contract definition and price discovery.

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Do Option Sellers Have a Trading Edge?

John Summa, CTA, PhD and Founder of OptionNerd.com explores three key patterns that emerge from a recent Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) study:

  1. on average, three out of every four options held to expiration end up worthless;
  2. the share of puts and calls that expired worthless is influenced by the primary trend of the underlying; and
  3. option sellers still come out ahead even when the seller is going against the trend.

The data presented encourages traders to develop a selling strategy as a primary approach to trading options.

Download Article as published by Investopedia (599 KB PDF)