Selling Stock Index Options

Selling stock index options is one way to add profit to or diversify a portfolio. Just like other investments, options require knowledge and a clear investment strategy in order to post a profit. Optioneer is the sole company that offers both a proprietary algorithm and a web-based platform for selling stock index options.

The web platform handles the complex financial calculations that many investors find puzzling. Data is released in two main forms: the P and R factors. The probability factor helps investors find an entry point in the market by analyzing the chance that market will settle outside of the options strike price. The risk factor then tells the financier more about the overall volatility of the index stock option.

Use Our Method to Decrease the Risk of Selling Stock Index Options

The Optioneer methodology involves buying stock options above and below the value at which they have sold their options. By applying this principle to both calls and puts, the portfolio is further protected from market swings in both directions.

We teach the web-based application and stock index option selling as part of our training courses. The two training classes cover a variety of subjects that will interest both novice and very experienced investors. Once the methodology has been practiced and the system perfected, an investor can greatly cut down on the amount of time needed to manage a portfolio. Some investors can give a day's orders for stock options in about five minutes. To learn more about our system for selling options, please call us at 800-845-2502 or reach us by email.