Option Trading Service

Some option trading services merely give shareholders tools for conducting research. Often, these devices require an enormous amount of everyday attention to monitor the market and create orders that reflect the day's trading. At Optioneer, we believe that the correct tools can cut down on the amount of time spent managing a portfolio and create returns that fit each investment strategy.

Our option trading service is built on simple ideas that are coupled with a powerful web-based platform for monitoring options on indexes. With our methodology, the need for constant vigilance of each position is minimized. As a result, you can protect your finances in case of an abnormality.

Use Risk Management with Our Option Trading Service

We offer two training classes that teach the fundamentals of option selling and how to apply our methodology. The goal is to give each trader the knowledge needed to diversify his/her holdings and manage investment risk. This information is coupled with our proprietary technology that handles the complex calculations behind the probability and risk factors of your investment.

Optioneer's trading service is based on selling options and limiting risk by proper investment management them, so that financial goals are met. Once the basic system is understood, a portfolio can be managed daily in a matter of minutes, not hours. To learn more about our training service and web-based system for options, please email us or call 800-845-2502.