Options Trading Quotes

Options trading quotes are worthless if an investor doesn't know how to interpret them. Many trading tools only give delayed market values and require lots of additional research and theories to adjust portfolios to the day's numbers. At Optioneer Trading, we offer a one-of-a-kind web-based platform and methodology for understanding and using financial data.

Our application allows options trading quotes to be used read with two important variables. The probability factor details the chance of an option contract expiring outside of a calculated strike price. The second value helps the investor understand the value and risk associated with entering the market. We believe that these two values permit faster market decisions that are executed with confidence.

Use Our Method in Conjunction with Options Trading Quotes

In two training courses, we teach beginning and experienced traders how to make the most of selling index-options. The methodology relies on selling calls and puts with strike values that are well above and below the expected market value at the end of the contract. These strike prices turn over the maximum profit to each investor when they expire worthless to the option buyers. The sold options are also protected by buying precisely calculated options to manage risk.

We teach investors to sell calls and puts at values that are above and below a precisely calculated strike price. At both points, the number of options bought is balanced to further manage risk. For more information on our system, please call us at 800-845-2502 or send an email.