Options Trading Methodology

A sound options trading methodology can greatly improve an investor's chances of realizing his financial goals. These financial contracts can be difficult for many investors to manage. Some recent financial studies show that over a three-year period, the majority of options expired worthless to the buyer. Optioneer Trading has created a system of helping option sellers reap profits at the termination of contracts.

This trading methodology hinges on the premise of selling calls and puts with strike prices that are well outside of the expected market value. The inherent risk of these options requires special management, which is what Optioneer teaches in two online training courses.

Combine Options Trading Methodology with a One-of-a-Kind Algorithm

The Optioneer web-based platform handles all of the calculations behind our methodology. The system generates two primary readings: probability and value/risk. These two factors help investors understand the chances of the contract expiring outside of the strike price and the risk associated with it.

In order to further manage risk, Optioneer's methodology teaches investors to buy contracts above and below each sold strike. With discipline, this strategy can help a portfolio post a profit, even during some difficult market conditions. Once the trading methodology is studied and practiced, it can be used to manage a portfolio of index options in five minutes each day. Investors enjoy financial gains and more personal involvement with their investments. To learn more about Optioneer's strategy, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.