Stock Index Futures

Stock index options on futures may add diversity to your existing financial holdings. In order to make the most of these options on futures contracts, they must be carefully managed and adjusted to follow the market. At Optioneer Trading, we've created a web-based system that complements our methodology for holding stock index options on futures.

The general idea of our system is to sell options on stock index futures that have a strike price outside of anticipated market values. When the contract expires, there is a high probability that it will be of no worth to the purchaser and the entire premium will be retained by the seller. These sold calls and puts carry a certain amount of market risk. To manage this risk options are also bought a pre-calculated levels.

Use an Easy System to Manage Stock Index Futures

Our web-based system creates two variables. The probability factor shows the chance that the market price will finish above or below an option's strike price. This value helps investors determine the best time to enter the market. The risk factor teaches an investor more about how to exit the market, without leaving too much at risk. We believe that options on stock index futures are much easier to manage with the aid of these two figures.

Our system and methodology is taught over the course of two online training sessions. The material is geared for both beginning and experienced investors. Once the system and methodology are mastered, a portfolio can be managed in a matter of minutes each day. To learn more, please email or call us at 800-845-2502.