Options Trading Strategies

Many people believe that the market depends on luck, but an options trading strategy can certainly swing the odds in your favor. The ideal plan contains long-term financial goals and an exit strategy but also needs to address the daily fluctuations of the market. The professionals at Optioneer Trading have written a proprietary algorithm that works hand in hand with a refined strategy.

The basic premise of our trading strategy is to sell options and then buy call and put options to protect the options sold. This way, when the contract expires, the sold options will be worthless to the buyer, and the entire premium will be paid out to the seller. In order for this method to work, the investor must know how to manage the risk of a portfolio properly.

Be Prepared for an Unfavorable Market with Options Trading Strategies

Our methodology is built around trading strategies that manage risk. The system calculates the sell prices for both calls and puts. We teach investors to buy a set number of calls and puts at values above and below the sold options in order to manage risk. With this method, the investor is protected against a sudden swing in the financial market.

The Optioneer strategies and software can be learned during the course of our two training sessions. We can cover introductory and background information on index options for novice investors or those who have little experience with these types of contracts. To find out more about our services, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.