Options Trading Signals

Optioneer has developed a web-based system of options trading signals that can free up enormous amounts of time for virtually any investor. The one-of-a-kind proprietary algorithm works in conjunction with our training method to minimize the time spent researching how the market will move each day. When used with discipline, our system can also manage risk while increasing the premium at the expiration of a contract.

The web application generates two variables that give a clear picture of how the market is moving. The P or probability factor tells an investor the chances of a contract finishing outside of its strike price. The R or risk factor helps a financier develop a clear entry and exit strategy for the market.

Use Our Methodology to Read Options Trading Signals

We teach investors how to interpret and adjust a portfolio based on trading signals. For example, the system calculates both the ideal strike and sale prices for an index option call contract. To manage risk, we teach investors to buy three calls above and one call below the four sold options. With this method, the risk of the sold strike prices is better managed.

Reading trade signals can be taught in two online training courses by our financial professionals. Once the system is understood and practiced, a portfolio can be managed in just a few minutes each day. To find out more about our methodology for interpreting options trading signals, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or send us an email.