Options Trading Tools

Options trading tools give investors a clear understanding of the current market environment and help lead towards better decisions for tomorrow. Optioneer Trading is the sole company that offers an online trading tool with a full methodology for buying and selling index options. A proprietary algorithm handles all of the financial calculations, and our training helps investors realize profits while managing risk.

The online application generates two values that we believe are key tools for index options. The probability value indicates the chance of a contract expiring outside of its strike price. The risk factor helps an investor decide whether it is wise to add the call or put option to her portfolio. Taken together, these two indicators are essential for following and predicting the market.

Use Options Trading Tools with Our Methodology

We teach investors how to interpret and apply the data that is created by our trading tools. For example, when selling put options, an investor must also buy puts at values above and below the sale price. This method ensures protection against a falling market. Further portfolio stability can be established by holding both calls and puts.

Our methodology is taught by professionals in two courses. The material is presented in a way that is useful for investors of all levels and experiences. For more information on our services, methods and classes, please contact us by either email or telephone at 800-845-2502.