Options Trading Information

The right options trading information empowers investors to make solid financial decisions. Training helps both novices and experienced shareholders understand the process of buying, holding, selling and predicting the flow of the market. Optioneer Trading brings a new methodology to index options that puts the economic goals of the investor first and foremost.

Some economic studies have shown that over a three-year period, the majority of options expired with no gains to the buyer. Optioneer is taking advantage of this statistical trend by providing valuable information and training on how to sell options and collect premiums. Our highly refined methodology includes a one-of-a-kind proprietary algorithm and web-based platform to make investment management easier.

We Condense Options Trading Information

Our system analyzes options with two important variables. The probability factor looks at the chance of the market price being outside of the strike value. The second factor helps investors determine the value and risk of entering the financial market. Taken together, these two calculations form a full picture of how a portfolio can behave. Correctly managing your investments can allow you to take on greater risk that leads to greater profits.

This trading information can greatly reduce the amount of time spent managing a portfolio. Once it's mastered, Optioneer's methodology can be applied to a group of options in a matter of minutes each day. Our trading information is taught in two online training classes that are aimed at both beginning and experienced investors. To learn more about our offerings, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or by email.