Options Trading Systems

The Optioneer trading system has two components. The first piece involves training and information on using our refined methodology for realizing higher premiums from options contracts. The second part is a web-based platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to help an investor better understand market movement and make the appropriate changes to his portfolio.

The strategy revolves around selling calls and puts at strike prices that are beyond the expected market movements. When these contracts expire, most are worthless to the purchaser, paying out the maximum premium to the seller. Holding these index options requires that the investor take on risk when trading. However, the methodology also teaches investors how to buy options to manage market risk.

Manage Risk with Our Options Trading System

Our online trading system breaks down information into two variables to help investors understand where they stand in the market. The P and R factors detail the chance of a contract closing outside of our strike price range and the risk associated with entering the market. With this information, investors can make smarter adjustments to their portfolios.

In order to manage risk, our trading system teaches investors to buy calls and puts at values above and below the sold options. By buying these protective options an index options trader is protected from a sudden jump or fall in market price. To find out more about our system and our training courses, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or by email.