Options Trading Experts

Even the best options trading experts have a few secrets and support tools to help them make it through a tough day on the trading floor. For casual and professional option index traders, managing a portfolio doesn't have to be a rush from opening bell to the end of the trading day. Optioneer Trading is the sole company that offers a complete methodology and proprietary web-based algorithm for better portfolio management.

Over the years, we've refined our system to help novices and experts make the most of their finances. Our application is simple to understand yet gives the investor a complete picture of the market's movement with little time investment. In fact, some options holders can execute a day's orders in less than five minutes.

We Pass on the Secrets of Options Trading Experts

We teach our methodology in two online training classes. Topics range from entry-level material about options and how they function to the advanced applications of our technology and strategy. Our options experts show you how to sell calls and puts at calculated levels.

The techniques of our experts can be applied from any location around the world. Our site uses an online platform that allows members to log in, view calculations, and then place the day's orders. To find out more about our system, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.