Options Risk

Options risk intimidates many investors into avoiding potentially profitable trades. When they are mismanaged, options can yield heavy losses. More than two-thirds of options expire worthless and post no gains to the buyer. When properly managed, however, options can help hedge against the overall risk of an investment portfolio. Optioneer Trading is the sole company that offers a proprietary algorithm and web-based interface for selling and managing index options.

Our software can quickly show an investor how to manage the risk. The method hinges on selling calls and puts that are well above or below the current market value. The positions Optioneer recommends carry a limited amount of risk that can be properly managed.

Manage the Risk of Your Index Options

The Optioneer methodology involves precisely calculated buy and sell orders for both calls and puts. Although the risk of these sold options is unlimited, Optioneer teaches clients to purchase options to effectively limit and manage that risk. Contracts are bought beyond the sold strike prices of our sold calls and puts to prevent heavy losses during periods of market instability.

This method for coping with risk is taught in two training classes. Optioneer can cover the basics of these investments for people who are just breaking into the market. Once the full system is understood, risk can be managed in just a few minutes each day. To learn more, please contact us by telephone at 800-845-2502 or by email.