Options Trading Tutorial

Options trading tutorials can help new investors manage their money wisely, but they can also teach experienced ones a few new tricks. Index options can be incredible aids to a securities portfolio when held correctly, although some financial data suggests that many investors aren't capitalizing on the opportunity. At Optioneer Trading, we've developed a methodology and web-based interface to allow financiers of all levels to make the most of their portfolios.

A basic Optioneer trading tutorial shows how to collect the premium paid out by entering into a contract. Investors are advised to sell calls and puts that have strike prices far beyond what the market is expected to reach. When the contracts expire, they are usually worthless to the buyer, and thus the entire premium is given to the seller.

Options Trading Tutorials Teach Risk Management

With these sold index options, the risk is high. An Optioneer tutorial shows how to buy calls and puts that are above and below the strike price to protect against a volatile market.

Our trading tutorials are taught in two online training classes. The basic principles of buying and selling these contracts are covered, so that even novice investors can learn the material. The entire Optioneer methodology and web-based system is also taught and practiced, so that investors will know what to do once they start managing with this style. To learn more about the courses and our offerings, please contact us by email or telephone at 800-845-2502.